The 100 day project

If anyone follows me on Instagram @stephuntz you have noticed my many watercolors. I decided to participate in the 100 day project. Check it out. It was started 5 years ago. 

I'm focusing on patterns or repetition in my paintings. It's a broad subject matter but it's definitely making me notice patterns in my everyday world. I'm doing all these painting with watercolor. I'm using watercolor because it portable. And I will have no excuse to take it with me wherever I go. My sister gave me Viviva colorsheets for my birthday last year. I've been using them most of the time. The colors are fantastic and so portable and easy. I'm also using my Holbein cake color set too but mostly when I'm home. 

Here is the link to the projects awesome website: The 100 Day Project

And a podcast interviewing the founders: Creative Pep Talk: Episode 175

This project is happening on instagram with the hashtag #the100dayproject


Below is my most popular painting so far. It's of my mom and dad on their last visit.           

Mom and Dad in their Patterns, 2018

Mom and Dad in their Patterns, 2018